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In aid of Concern India Foundation and organised by Securegiving.


Date of event: 3rd & 4th October 2020

Timing: 8 pm

Age: 16+

Language: English



These will be a bouquet of independent 7 monologues/ mini plays, performed by Rajat kapur and six other well-known theater actors of the group The duration of the show shall be of 95 mins

(with a 5 min break).

The short synopsis of the plays for your reference 

One On One India Special is a Unique theatrical Evening, bringing together some of Bombay's finest actors, written by some of  India's most talented playwrights and directed by some of our best known directors. These monologues and dialogues in English and Hindi address subjects as varied as marriage, bollywood, inedible airline food, the politics of road naming ceremonies and the experience of trying to reach out and connect during the lockdown....

stories of modern India that amuse, annoy and concern us all. 

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