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Pochampally Ikats

Pochampally – ikat – telia rumal – three words that conjure up a visual image of the sensuous beauty of Indian textiles and their eternal lure! The Pochampally ikat is a perennial favourite that caresses the body in many forms – as a sari, dupatta, scarf shirt. . .

The name Pochampally Ikats encompasses all ikat weaves of the Andhra and Telengana region – the most distinct being the telia rumal. This region is celebrated as the birthplace of Indian ikat. Pochampally ikat stands out as the first textile craft to be awarded the GI tag in 2004. Generations of master weavers have tirelessly and faithfully carried on the weaving traditions of this art form to ensure that this valuable textile art is alive with us today.   

Join us as we set out on a magical journey of discovery of the magnificient variety of weaves, motifs and colours that epitomize the textile’s characteristics and specialities. As we partake in a virtual tour of weaving centres and meet master weavers, scholars and senior designers, let’s enrich our knowledge of the evolution of this craft tradition and its current resurgence. And consequently, let’s fall in love with Pochampally ikats again! 


The series on Textile Appreciation of Fabrics of India is targetted at textile enthusiasts, designers, students of design schools and our buyers who wear them.   


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Bina Rao
is a co founder and Creative Head of the Social Business in - Sustainable Fashion & Textile ‘Creative Bee’ in Hyderabad. Creative Bee also works with underprivileged Weavers & Artisans across the country towards training in sustainable livelihood. BINA RAO is a Pioneer fashion label in Sustainable fashion & Textiles, International speaker, member of advisory committees for Hand loom, Government of India. Member governing Council NID, Senior Consultant to United Nations East
Rakesh Thakore
Director of the label Abraham & Thakore, Rakesh Thakore was born in Delhi and grew up in Tanzania. He went on to study in Scindia School, Gwalior, before joining NID. In 1992, Abraham & Thakore was established – before that, he did a lot of interesting work for The Festivals in India.
Rakesh Thakore is a handloom expert, working with weaves, deriving innovation structures and weaves to create interesting fabrics.
Gajjam Goverdhana
Shilp Guru - oldest, most respected and knowledgable weaver of the region.

Padma Shree.
Poludas Nagendra Satish
Kora Design Collaborative Poludas Nagendra Satish, a Print maker, a Designer with Post-Graduation from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad; leads KORA Design Collaborative, Hyderabad
KORA is a design and research practice -
working with practical application of the principles of ecology. KORA acting as a cog - connects people and nature, building links back to the roots, thus ensuring conscious livelihood and living
Vinita Passary
founder and creative head of brand " Translate " which designs contemporary clothing solely using Andhra Ikats.
Durga Venkataswamy
Durga works in the handloom and craft sector in Kutch, Andhra and Telangana. In these years the focus has been in areas of handloom technologies esp with dyeing and water usage. She also works with production and marketing of handlooms, exploring new and different ways of engaging with craft communities. Her quest is work towards reestablishing regenerative craft practices. She is one of the founder partners of Blue Lotus, an ensemble of nextgen handloom weavers, dyers, designers and entr
Meena Appnender
Member of CCAP since 1990. Honorary Secretary and Treasurer since 2003. She was one of the ideators and curators behind the 2014 Kausalyam held in Chowmahalla Palace which brought together exquisite pieces of handloom and craft from designers and master craftspersons across the country. In 2006 she was involved in organising the International Natural Dye Symposium held in Hyderabad.
She has through the years participated in the annual meetings of the World Crafts Council, in Thailand, China.
Sridhar Rao
Though from an agricultural background, the young educated Sridhar, started a weavers cooperative society - Sridevi crafts - to help weavers market their weaves in urban markets. The group has done wonderfully well in the last twenty years and now also supply to niche designers in Japan as well as major stores in india.
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Moderated by : Madhu Sood- Pause for a Cause

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