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Art for Concern was initiated by Concern India Foundation in 1998 to promote Indian art and create a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their work. It also provides the perfect opportunity to art connoisseurs to buy works of upcoming artists along with masters of art.

Where we are:

Mumbai • Delhi • Pune • Chennai • Kolkata • Bengaluru • Hyderabad • Ludhiana • Gurgaon


The Art for Concern exhibitions display the work of both established and promising artists, at affordable prices. It is an excellent platform for upcoming artists to showcase their work and gives art enthusiasts an opportunity to build their collections, all the while giving to charity.

The Eclectic Art shows have been recently introduced and cater to art buyers interested in higher value art by established artists, with shows taking place in Mumbai and Delhi each year.


Each year, the prestigious Art for Concern Annual Art Auction is conducted in Mumbai enabling art connoisseurs to acquire high-end artworks and collectibles from renowned artists, while giving to charity. With the overwhelming support of well-established modern and contemporary artists, collectors and aficionados, the charity auction has established itself as a much-awaited occasion on Mumbai's social calendar.



Art for Concern’s Traditional and Folk Art exhibitions attempt to showcase these indigenous art forms and artists, and ensure that their legacy endures. The show brings together traditional art from across India, giving a window of exposure to the dying forms that represent the fascinating folklore of each region.

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