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Starting on 15th September

Window for submission closes on 15th October

Age groups:

  • 8 to 11

  • 12 to 14 

  • 15 to 17

  • 18 and above

Your brief:

The lockdown has been a unique time in all our lives. The experience of being locked into our homes is one which we will never forget. For some people the memories will be of bonding with families or spending time with pets. Others will remember it as being the time when you rushed to the market to stock up on essentials or fulminated with the broom and duster. Many people who swore they would never enter the kitchen, actually took to cooking and discovered they liked it….or not!  Some people took to learning an instrument or picked up old hobbies, while others turned to cultivating plants, designing clothes and jewellery. 


Here is a fun-filled competition for you to send us those memories in the form of photographs.

These could be selfies or non-selfies.

Each age group will have a first, second and third ranking for which winners will receive an online certificate.  The first three prize winners in each age group will also get the opportunity to participate in a virtual workshop with one of the distinguished judges.

Your work will be judged by the following eminent personalities: 

Ravi Dhingra
Ravi has more than 20 years’ experience in lifestyle photography which includes architecture & interiors, food, portraits and product. His work has been widely published in advertising campaigns, magazines and on online portals. He is a visiting faculty for photography at various leading design institutes.
Dr. Caesar Sengupta
Dr. Caesar Sengupta is a globally renowned and acclaimed wildlife conservation photographer, a National Geographic educator, freelance writer and a trainer. He is a Canon EOS Maestro.
Achal Kumar
Achal is a renowned, award winning photographer and Member of the Jury for the National Art Exhibition by the National Academy of Arts.
Digant Desai
Digant is one of India’s top marine photographers whose work has been widely published in various magazines. He has won several international and national awards for underwater photography.
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Submissions to be made in Jpeg format

Image size: Minimum 2 MB and maximum 2.5 MB

(Higher resolution images might be sought for final judging) 


Click here for rules and regulations


Entry fee: Rs. 300/ per submission

Competition will  Start on 15th September

For inquiries, mail us on

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