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Your Brief:

The world we wake up to today is challenged. And there is a growing realisation that something needs to change for things to be better.



INSPIRE- How can YOU be the change, that you want to see in your nation? 


What is required: 

What is the one change you plan to make / bring into your own life, which will inspire the world around you to follow your actions and be a part of the change?


Focus Areas:
Your ad can be based on any or all of the following issues where the need for change is most required:


1. Making education for all possible.


2. Making community health and hygiene important 


3. Enabling sustainable livelihood


4. Protecting our environment.



Your inspiring ad should be a Video.

You can choose any one of the focus areas

Or, all four. 


Entry Fee:

 Rs. 500/- per entry


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