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Benaras Kash

The Benaras Kash is a show that harmoniously blends together the age old art of Benarasi weaves with today’s contemporary styles. It brings forth the finest handcrafted saris, dupattas, fabrics, contemporary clothing and heritage textiles and weaves – each one lovingly designed using techniques that have been passed on through generations.

The show features finely woven brocades, mashrus, rangkats, suti banarasi, ganga jamuna and more. Typical Benarasi motifs abound – pattidars, jaals, konia, butidaar – adorning the saris, stoles, dupattas and garments with their grace and style. Apart from the numerous options for sale, a large variety of textiles woven in this legendary center are more like artifacts and are showcased as exhibits only at The Benaras Kash.

Sari Story

The Sari Story is a celebration of beautiful saris from various parts of India! The show brings together designers and weavers from across the country to showcase and sell their one-of-a-kind creations. A tribute to India’s most unique and versatile garment, The Sari Story promises to offer a sari for every woman, every occasion and every season and features an array of rich textures, weaves, colours, motifs and designs. The idea behind this show is not only to cater to those women for whom the sari is a staple, but also to generate interest amongst the younger generation - to encourage them to experience the beauty and elegance of saris as a statement and take pride in wearing one.

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