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Enriching Young Minds

Enriching Young Minds - was started in Hyderabad as an opportunity for youngsters who are at the crossroads of their education and career to interact with experts from various fields.

Here the invited esteemed panelists share their life’s journey and choices and answer questions about their specific career areas.


This event encourages children to think in unique directions and to follow their passion. The panelist guide children to remain focused at all times. 

Play for a Cause

Play for a Cause is an Inter-Corporate Futsal (5-a-side football tournament) and Box Cricket Tournament in which teams from 10-15 different corporates come together to celebrate the spirit of friendly competition through sport. The games are spread over a weekend and marked with great fun, enthusiasm and also present a fantastic bonding activity for employees. The event is a fundraising drive to support grassroot initiatives in the area of children’s education, special care for the differently-abled, health care and vocational training for women or shelter for the aged. 

5Cs Corporate Sports

What started as a small initiative has become one of the most eagerly awaited corporate sports challenges in the country. 5Cs is a one day sports event that includes outdoor cricket, outdoor soccer, table tennis, badminton, basketball, women’s throwball and a 5K run. Teams from some of India’s best known companies participate and the event has raised funds to support the cause of underprivileged children.



‘R.I.S.E. : Rekindle your Inner joy and Soar with Energy’ a webinar specially curated to address wellness. Concern India Foundation in collaboration with Priya Rajiv curated a webinar aimed at helping all to cope with and RISE above this difficult pandemic situation.


⚫ Help each of us become the best version of ourselves by understanding our needs, limitations, hurdles and strengths.

⚫ Learn how we can use these to gain the necessary tools to help align our energy, making it easier to achieve our goals.

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Woman of Today

Woman of Today’ is a special event curated to honour the accomplishments of amazing women who are path breakers in their respective fields. This is to celebrate women and inspire many more.

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